Tuesday, August 02, 2011

When I experience a lot of things in just one day..

Today, I feel weird.. I usually wake up at 12pm everyday, but today I woke up at 9.45am.. But lazy head me continue to sleep..LOL.. Then I woke up 15 minutes before 12pm. As usual, my daily activities was brushing my teeth with my favourite songs on loud, cooking, eating, watching Upin & Ipin, Spongebob, online, do house chores.. that's quite about my life during my free time before I enter University to get my head burst out of studying once more..duhhh!..but i'm looking forward to this ( I guess )..50/50 maybe..
Well, the weather isn't nice these days, it's so damn hot I swear I can melt.. it makes me craving for ice cream. But unfortunate enough, strongly hot weather can give you a flu too.. i'm starting to get rashes these days. Trust me, it's not pretty..yuck~
anyhow, I guess today is one of the day I don't get scolded for any reason, I have to tell you, I extremely LOVE those days I don't get scolded..hehe
I get to eat my favourite chicken curry from my beloved mommy..hehe

Well, here is the sad part, you see, there's this one person I used to be close with.. We understand each other just as twins know each other.. But it doesn't seem to be that way anymore.. I don't know why, it's fading.. the happiness became dull.. I tried to be my best for this person, but I can't see the connection, the similarities in us anymore.. The person's sister said that this person is sad because we haven't met since last April & now we are going far apart as in different countries now.. how can I ever find back those love in the past.. I really am in a dilemma right now.. Oh God, if only you can tell me what's the right thing to do..

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