Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Girls Are Complicated?

Girls = complex...
There aren't any guide book that can really tell how to understand the female..
Female might look soft, emotional and so on but on the inside they are seriously complex..

If you ask a girl what type of guy she likes, she probably say that she like the handsome type, cool type, romantic type and so on.. Well, that is true but did you know that HATE or DISLIKE can also be one of the reason why girls fall in love.. First, a girl will dislike a guy because of somewhat personality or attitude he has.. but in the end the girl might fall for that guy.. Girls are like guys.. They don't search for "easy" guy, maybe some do but as for me, I'd go for 'hard to get' guys.. I myself can't explain why but somehow it seems challenging..haha..
I prefer if the guy don't tell me that he like me first even before I notice him and starts to like him, because it really has a BIG difference you know.. You guys have to let the girl you like to at least notice you and maybe reply as in show a little interest first then you can step BIG..

But guys, you also have to give a little hint before it's too late because sometimes girls can't see what you are trying to do or what your heart is saying.. that's why I said girls are complicated.. you never knew whether you have to tell her now or later..

When I watch the korean drama 'You Are Beautiful' really reminds me of how things are.. There might be guy like Hwang Tae Kyung, or guy like Kang Shin Woo, or even guy like Jeremy, but if you ask me, I don't really know what's my type.. Personally I like Kang Shin Woo's romantic, mature, understanding, calm, unselfish & kind character.. but there were times that I missed this kind of guys because I can't see through how they're actually feeling.. and whether it's too soon or too late, the timing isn't good enough to make one to fall in love.. these people are a very good lover and to be appreciated.. 
Sometimes I got confused myself too, girls hate to cry over a guy because of what he did and hurt her but girls also fight for the love of that same person.. Maybe we girls just need something obvious like the guy showing he is fighting for their relationship, and it does make the relationship more colourful with ups and down and in the end, this couple is stronger than the one without quarrels..

Well, i'm talking crap..hahaha.. but all I can say is girls are complicated.. they can't really tell in details what they like but guys, you have to play the important role in trying to keep up with her and know her style to keep her.. Even if she is sometimes nonsense asking for childish stuff or suddenly she hates you being childish or whatsoever(legendary mood-swing :p), tell yourself it's okay and tell her you love her ;)

Girls just want to be love so guys, BE ALERT :)