Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Trip to KK Before I Go to Study..

Hello fellow blogger, miss me?haha
I miss you guys.. & I definitely miss my blog..

I didn't get the chance to post anything these past few days because I was at KK back at my cousins' (Alyssa & Allester) house.. I love the time I spent with them & their family..

As usual, if I travel alone to KK, I would spend my time with my beloved cousins : Allester, Alyssa, Jessica & Marsha.. We would have fun together like Karaoke, Movie, Eat & Drink, chit-chatting, laughing etc
It was so much fun I wish I could stop the time if I can..haha x]
We did took a lot of picture together but those pictures are with my cousin L..

The next day, we went to our Aunt's house.. She invited us to come over for lunch & to hangout with her two cute boys..hehe
we had so much fun, it would've been better & merrier if our cousin Jess & Mars could join us that day..

 the three of us with our aunt's boys.. :)

Our lil cousin Cameron (soo cute =])

 The two siblings are playing instrument.. (^^,)

This is picture of L lifting up Cam..LOL xp

Last but not least, i bought myself mp3 player..hehe

My favourite blue colour mp3..ehe ;p

I'm looking forward to meeting my beloved cousins again.. I miss you guys already..huhu
I'm sure all of us have a lot in mind to do together later..hehe

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)

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