Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The One That Got Away

Today I met you. Although you're not here in front of me, but I always see your shadow.
It was weird because I've seen you for a few times these few days.
I don't know this feeling. Miss? Maybe but I don't know.
To see you here was shocking for me despite you and I are not standing in the same edge of the world. 

Your happiness is  my happiness bacause I can't give you one.
Love is the greatest gift from God and you are one of the few who can use it wisely.

To see you this few days was a surprising incident for me. We agreeed to not contact each other anyomore. I was the one who forced you to do it, because I know how it will make all of us feel.

Today I open your blog and I open the YouTube link you left for me back then. I realised how much special I was to you and yet it's too late. Tears of I don't know what fell down my eyes. But i'm glad i was one of the special people in your life.

Experience does not make me brave to make new decision instead it makes me tough and hard to trust people. Weird, I was too cautious with you back then that I never give you a chance. 

When you ask me to make a quick and rush decision makes me confuse and scared. It was hell on earth to me. But I guess it was written like that to me, to us from God. I am still not ready and i'm not sure if you'll find happiness with me knowing that I have more guy friends then girl friends.
I'm a spoiled girl and all I want is to be pampered and to be near the person that is going to be the ONE for me.

Now that you find love, all I want is to see your happiness and tears of joy. Not your loneliness and tears of sad.

Miss is a word I can use right now although I never use it before to you.

A beautiful soul like you deserves a happy ending. And that's why I always pray for your happiness whenever I thought about you.

This is the only place I can express because I don't want to disturb your life. 

If one day we meet again, I hope I can hear any good news from you :)

Till then

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Girls Are Complicated?

Girls = complex...
There aren't any guide book that can really tell how to understand the female..
Female might look soft, emotional and so on but on the inside they are seriously complex..

If you ask a girl what type of guy she likes, she probably say that she like the handsome type, cool type, romantic type and so on.. Well, that is true but did you know that HATE or DISLIKE can also be one of the reason why girls fall in love.. First, a girl will dislike a guy because of somewhat personality or attitude he has.. but in the end the girl might fall for that guy.. Girls are like guys.. They don't search for "easy" guy, maybe some do but as for me, I'd go for 'hard to get' guys.. I myself can't explain why but somehow it seems challenging..haha..
I prefer if the guy don't tell me that he like me first even before I notice him and starts to like him, because it really has a BIG difference you know.. You guys have to let the girl you like to at least notice you and maybe reply as in show a little interest first then you can step BIG..

But guys, you also have to give a little hint before it's too late because sometimes girls can't see what you are trying to do or what your heart is saying.. that's why I said girls are complicated.. you never knew whether you have to tell her now or later..

When I watch the korean drama 'You Are Beautiful'..it really reminds me of how things are.. There might be guy like Hwang Tae Kyung, or guy like Kang Shin Woo, or even guy like Jeremy, but if you ask me, I don't really know what's my type.. Personally I like Kang Shin Woo's romantic, mature, understanding, calm, unselfish & kind character.. but there were times that I missed this kind of guys because I can't see through how they're actually feeling.. and whether it's too soon or too late, the timing isn't good enough to make one to fall in love.. these people are a very good lover and to be appreciated.. 
Sometimes I got confused myself too, girls hate to cry over a guy because of what he did and hurt her but girls also fight for the love of that same person.. Maybe we girls just need something obvious like the guy showing he is fighting for their relationship, and it does make the relationship more colourful with ups and down and in the end, this couple is stronger than the one without quarrels..

Well, i'm talking crap..hahaha.. but all I can say is girls are complicated.. they can't really tell in details what they like but guys, you have to play the important role in trying to keep up with her and know her style to keep her.. Even if she is sometimes nonsense asking for childish stuff or suddenly she hates you being childish or whatsoever(legendary mood-swing :p), tell yourself it's okay and tell her you love her ;)

Girls just want to be love so guys, BE ALERT :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hartz Chicken Buffet, HIMYM & The Big Bang Theory

This two American series are my two most favourite now.. I'm lovin' it..!!

The story goes like this, Sam, Jasper, Sigai, Gall & I went out this morning from 10am to 5pm to search for dining hall available to conduct Easter Dinner.. After a few Hotels, we went for lunch at Hartz Chicken Buffet.. In this restaurant, 'all you can eat' is their policy & u just have to pay RM19.90 for adult to enjoy everything served. This is what I called Heaven on Earth :D

BUT, if you can't finish the food you took, they will charge you according to the food you waste.. so people, make sure you are not just hungry, but starving then you can go to this place :)

My Heaven on Earth :))

And if you have your lunch here, you won't be eating chicken again for the next 24 hours I guess, I skip my dinner because i'm still full and I kinda hate chicken for now..haha :D

What I like about Hartz Chicken Buffet also is that their seats looks like the one in the How I Met Your Mother show.. The one at the bar.. I really feel like we are the HIMYM characters just now..
Barney = Sam
Ted = Sigai
Marshall = Jasper ( he's the tallest among us man~ )
Lily = Gall
Robin = Me

We laugh our ass out the whole time we were there, they were making jokes & we had tonnes of fun..

Then I realize I have 4 classmates a.k.a besties here in UNIMAS ( excluding my roomate & my KML friends).. All 4 of them are guys and i'm the only flower in our gang.. This reminds me of The Big Bang Theory, 4 guys ( Leonard, Sheldon, Raj & Howard) & 1 girl (Penny), well that was before Bernadette & Amy pops in..haha :D

Sheldon = Aftar ( he's the tallest among us, like Sheldon :p )
Leonard = Johnny ( I think i'm gonna put Johnny because both of them wear spectacles
Howard = Adie
Raj = Harvind (both indians :))
Penny = Me

LOL, what an imagination.. silly me..haha

That's all for this entry..  I wanna continue doing my assignment =.=

With Love,

Casey =)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Boys, are you gentleman enough?

Hi people, sorry it's been so long I didn't update my blog..huhu

For this entry I will focus on guys... Boys out there, this is a question for you, have you ever like someone and want to ask that girl out on a date? I'm sure most of you did that. Or even if a guy friend invite his girl friend ( not couple ) to have lunch.. This is a matter of are you gentleman enough or not?

I did not ask 'are you a gentleman?' but rather I ask 'are you gentleman enough?' because i'm pretty sure every guy that God has made are gentleman. The question is, is it enough?

There are 2 different situation but almost the same to show are you gentleman enough..

Situation 1
Once upon a time, there's a guy that likes a girl, he said to himself : 'I think I like this girl, but how do I tell her that?' So he plan on asking her out to a first date.. You guys went for a movie, play games at the arcade, watch beautiful scenery and all sorts of stuff people do on a date...and eventually it comes to the climax of the story before the date ends - the DINNER.. Now tell me guys, if you ask a girl out to a first date, would you 

A. Pay for the food
B. Let her pay for the food
C. Pay together

Which one is it?
For each and every answer above has its own definition guys. 
(A) means you guys are a noble person because this one shows that you guys are a real gentleman.
(B) You guys failed the first principle of being a man, i'm sorry to say that..
(C) I think you guys are not serious to have a relationship with this person you like, it might be false alarm, you may think you like her but the real fact is you don't, it's just a friendly feeling (this always happen to those who are close friends and 'think' that feelings start to develop to each other..

Guys show that they are really serious about you when they pay for the food, it's a sign that says ' you can depend on me if we are together'.
Guys who let the girls pay..I don't know how you guys can live in this world without feeling shame of yourself.. Where's your balls dude? You ask a girl out but she has to pay for the food? Be real man.. Guys like this, better extinct..
Guys who pay together 50-50 with the girls, they are not entirely wrong but if they do that means they know they like the girl but do they really know what their heart and mind tells? As I say it might be a false alarm because feelings do develop among close friends, just that it might be real feelings or just a friendly feelings due to the feeling of being super comfortable with each other..

I tell you guys, girls are not materialistic or a gold digger but they have their own principle and ego too although girl's ego are not as high of a guy's ego.. Girls never fall for the (B) type I can guarantee you.. unless if she's the one that is crazy for this guy and when this guy ask her out is a jackpot for her =.=

Situation 2
Notice how girls always have handbag with them when they go out? Guys, here's a fact for you to know. Girls are quite perfectionist in many way, handbag makes them feel secure and complete. I'm not saying complete as in it makes girls feel pretty and confident, well yeah that too, but what i'm saying is boys have you look into your girlfriend's handbag?
Girls have almost everything they need in their handbag, tissue, wet tissue, sanitizer, makeup, handphones, earphones, sunglasses, camera, sweater, everything they need when they go out of the house.. You can't blame your girlfriend if she brought a large handbag with her when she's out with you.. This is girls whether you guys can accept the fact or not..

You don't expect them to hold all these stuff just by using their hands don't you..

Guys, not all guys, have this habit of asking his girlfiend or his girl-friend that has large handbag to hold their stuff for them inside her bag while you guys go out together.. This is never a happy moment for us (girls) when we go out.. Our handbag are heavy enough with our own stuff and you guys can still heartlessly ask us to carry your stuff for you inside our bag? wow, how small is your pride dude? You guys might say 'they have handbag, we don't, is it wrong to ask for help?? it's not like we didn't ask politely'. Girls don't show their anger or dislike towards this situation because girls are God's creature with the most emotion, they consider other's feeling. Please you guys, try and be considerate towards us too..Unless sometimes girls do willingly to help out.
BUT! Bottom line is..
Never EVER do that because you guys don't deserve to be call gentlemen AT ALL if you guys do that! We are not your maid, we are not paid to carry your load. Bear in mind, women are special guys, you men don't carry foetus inside your tummy for 9 months like we do, so show some respect here..

That's all for now..

Till the next post..

With Love,

Casey =)