Monday, August 08, 2011

I'm so into the cake!!

Yesterday, me n my mum made Pandan Cheese Layered Cake.. It was so good that I ate until I was really full..haha

Here's the picture ===>

There's not much I can say for today's blog, but i'm just sharing my passion & joy for baking.. Hope you guys enjoy it (^^,)

Here's a picture of me with the cake (^.^)

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)


  1. bg2 la cne ckit...haha...
    sng mau sahur..ekee

  2. haha, kek lapis ni jon, berliur kw tu kan, tringat makcikmu..haha

  3. ehem...jan smpi cne pn jd cm fb..hahaa