Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Trip to KK Before I Go to Study..

Hello fellow blogger, miss me?haha
I miss you guys.. & I definitely miss my blog..

I didn't get the chance to post anything these past few days because I was at KK back at my cousins' (Alyssa & Allester) house.. I love the time I spent with them & their family..

As usual, if I travel alone to KK, I would spend my time with my beloved cousins : Allester, Alyssa, Jessica & Marsha.. We would have fun together like Karaoke, Movie, Eat & Drink, chit-chatting, laughing etc
It was so much fun I wish I could stop the time if I can..haha x]
We did took a lot of picture together but those pictures are with my cousin L..

The next day, we went to our Aunt's house.. She invited us to come over for lunch & to hangout with her two cute boys..hehe
we had so much fun, it would've been better & merrier if our cousin Jess & Mars could join us that day..

 the three of us with our aunt's boys.. :)

Our lil cousin Cameron (soo cute =])

 The two siblings are playing instrument.. (^^,)

This is picture of L lifting up Cam..LOL xp

Last but not least, i bought myself mp3 player..hehe

My favourite blue colour mp3..ehe ;p

I'm looking forward to meeting my beloved cousins again.. I miss you guys already..huhu
I'm sure all of us have a lot in mind to do together later..hehe

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Love About Muslim's Fasting

I'm a food lover so of course i'll talk about food.. During their fasting season, I have to admit I love waiting for the bazaar so that I can go & buy any food I want because you don't get to taste this kind of food everyday in a year.. To all my muslim's friends, i'm very sorry if i'm talking about food during your fasting period, but here is what I would like to share to my fellow readers..

The best thing about having a bazaar is you can get almost everything you need in one place. ABC, murtabak,  ayam percik, etc.

Two days ago, my mum & my younger brother went to the bazaar near my mum's working place. They bought nasi kerabu, nasi ayam, ayam masak merah + kerisik, ABC, pudding, oblong..

I just love the nasi kerabu & it's blue in colour some more, my favourite colour!! Ayam masak merah + kerisik was definitely my favourite that day.. We get to 'buka puasa' like others too with those lovely & mouthwatering food..haha >.<

I took this picture myself & I didn't focus enough that's why this picture turns out blurry, sorry =.='

My favourite of the day!!

I love this juice i've been drinking for the past few months. It's quite expensive but it's worth it, I feel a fresher & healthier tummy after drinking it so I wanna share with you guys..hehe

This juice is very healthy & delicious (^.^)

Remember my Pandan Cheese Layered Cake? This is what I used to eat for my breakfast every morning..haha

There's one more thing I would like to share with you guys. This past 2 weeks, i've been working out.. I've been cycling, jogging, playing badminton everyday with my brother. I'm looking forward to do some skipping, sit-up & push-up.. I wanna keep my body fit again, I wanna join some sports like basketball or netball or badminton or futsal when I enter university, I wanna make myself taller.. Wish me luck people..

Till then,

Good day dear readers,
With love,

Casey =)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Usual Night Activity

First of all, i'm very hungry right now I can eat a cow..or even YOU!!..haha joking.. But seriously i'm so damn hungry.. Although i'm blessed with a slim body by God, but in reality, i get hungry frequently & eat a lot than my body's portion. I do not know why my body isn't getting any chubbier except my cheek.(I really want to be at least a little chubby, and my BMI will be ideal)..

My usual night activities are :
==> usually i'll eat snacks, it's consider my supper or something to hold my tummy from making a phone call to my head & interrupting my late night movie or chat..
My favourite every night snacks is Oreo.. But tonight i'm eating Rocky.. Both are delicious!!Nyum nyum~ (and of course with water, I can't sleep without drinking 500 ml to 1 litre of's a must)

haha please ok, I do not eat like this..hehe

I probably eat like this..haha

This is Rocky, one of my favourite snacks during my childhood time..

==> facebook, twitter, blogger, google, youtube is a MUST for me.. It's like I can't live without them..LOL
I wonder how will the connection be later at UNIMAS.. =.='

==> I love to watch my late night entertainment soo much because I can't sleep early at night.. I get used to it already.. I hope I won't be like this when I enter University later, i'll die of sleepy during class if I continue to sleep late.huhu
There's this dance that my cousin L & I are dying to learn because the dance move are AWESOME!!!

I hope both of us can master this dance pretty soon and dance it together the next time we meet.. Hwaiting!!

That's all for my sharing with my late night activities.. I'm a spontaneous modern dancer but I will try to learn this organized dance step.. Wish me luck!!(cross fingers)

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)

Monday, August 08, 2011

I'm so into the cake!!

Yesterday, me n my mum made Pandan Cheese Layered Cake.. It was so good that I ate until I was really full..haha

Here's the picture ===>

There's not much I can say for today's blog, but i'm just sharing my passion & joy for baking.. Hope you guys enjoy it (^^,)

Here's a picture of me with the cake (^.^)

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)

Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Lesson to Teach


In this blog, i'll share abit about what happened to me yesterday ( well, of course, it's already pass midnight)..
Well, i'm sure all of you had fight before in your entire life right? Doesn't matter who, your siblings, your friends, that counts..
Yesterday I fought with my brother.. We always fight because we annoyed each other most of the times.. We are like cat & dog.. NO PEACE PEOPLE, NO PEACE =.=
But yesterday, both of us got beyond our nerves.. And this is what happened.....


Well this is only part of my right hand ( my working hand =.=")..
You guys wanna know how this happen?  
Jeng jeng jeng!!!
      Once upon a time,....hahaha you gotta be kidding me..
Well, we were fighting over the remote control, he wanna watch Shaun the Sheep but I wanna watch iCarly / True Jackson VP.. It's clearly he's eating the sandwich & don't care much about the TV, we were pulling & pushing the remote control till I managed to grab it away from him..
Then we started mouth fight.. I was so angry but I'm trying hard to control...then............the fight started, believed it or not, I crashed to my father's glass cupboard.. That's how I got those wounds..  That's only a little part of it..
I got hurt from hand to shoulder.. The blood rush down like water from my shoulder to my hand then to the floor dripping as soon as I stand straight..  Just imagine the glass pieces on my skin.. You guys should have seen my hand when the blood keep dripping to the floor..
But all I think about is cleaning the mess before mum gets back..

I hide my injury from them, but when I had to tell my dad what happened to the cupboard, I told them.. Besides, the blood keep flowing out and my shirt was stained with blood even after I took my shower..

I'm gonna get new scars again, & this time it's my right hand AGAIN, unfortunate hand..huhu~
The holes created from those glass piece that penetrate through my shoulder & hand are clearly gonna leave obvious marks.. But i'm lucky enough my hand is not broken or my nerves are not cut or injured somewhere by those sharp glass..

P/S : Lessons that I learned yesterday was, thou shall not fight but to love each other, be tolerate to each other.. When one becomes the FIRE, the other one should be the WATER.. -my mommy said that-
And I also realised that I am not afraid of blood anymore..( I think ) ngee~

Friday, August 05, 2011

I'll start a new day..

Dear Blog,
      Last night I couldn't sleep well.. I had a lot in my mind and I started crying.. I couldn't sleep till 6a.m I think..
People may think that my life is perfect here & there.. Friends keep asking me for advice in their relationship, but reality check ==> my hardship sucks! I'm no good in this.. People I helped keep achieving success every time they listen to my advice.. I myself was the experiment & those friends I helped is the success conclusion of my ugly past..

I'm finally ridin' solo because I don't think I have the full commitment yet.. Him & I, I would describe us as close friends that called each other sweet names .. We lack all those qualities that couple suppose to have.. I think maybe because we only had so little time knowing each other that I only know so little about him.. I told him last night about what came across my mind cause I can't stop crying thinking about us, he is definitely the nicest guy I had ever known, he understand me well & still smile for me saying "Anything that makes you happy, makes me happy.. I don't want you to feel strangled.. Sure! We're always be friends..hahaha...& yes i'll be there when you need me.."

I hope I could learn to accept & appreciate as I grew older & mature..
As for now we are close friends..

God forgive me for doing what my heart's desire, but I think I need to do this so both him & I won't be disappointed with each other..

We will still be friends for now..


It's 1a.m. & I still can't sleep.. Well yeah I usually sleep at 3 or 4.. But tonight is just one of my unlucky night.. I'm too stressed before my beauty sleep..
I just don't like it when I sincerely treat people nice but it ends up that people fall for me.. And this thing keep repeating & repeating.. Why? why? Why is it so easy for people to fall for me? What is it with me..??  I'm so stressed right now seriously..
I feel like crying right now, I just don't like to hurt other's feeling by saying 'NO'.. but why is it that I have to undergo this test again & again..??
For once, can't anybody be friend with me like they really mean it??
There are so much things in my mind right now that I think my head will burst!!
Oh God please help me make things right..Please please please :'(

Thursday, August 04, 2011

What a wonderful dream !! ^^,

Yoohoo, i'm back!! Still remember my previous post? I said something about my dream last night ==> *Real Madrid*, right? Guess what, when I told my dad about my dream after we had our dinner just now, suddenly the Astro Awani News cast about the winning Real Madrid.. They played the game tremendously.. WOW, what a nice dream I had, sounds like DEJA VU..hahaha
I wish to dream some more interesting stuff...keke =P

Well, I just finished watching Merlin with my family..hehe
The story is getting interesting..
Now, i'm gonna watch 2PM idol army on my beloved lappy..muahh :-*
I know it's an old tv show but I like to see Jae Bum's face.. I wish he can be the 2PM member again..huhu
He is so talented with a great voice & dancing.. Jae Bum Jjang!! Jae Bum saranghae~

Till then...(^.^)

New Style

As usual, today I woke up at 12pm..LOL what a dream I had last night.. I dreamt about my lecturer - Mr.E called me and ask about football match ==> Real Madrid.. And in my dream my bestie Samuel & I can't remember the other one were in my apartment watching the game..LOL what a dream!!
I must have gone mad thinking about football, my apartment & friends..haha

Today I woke up & read my phone, The Khuntoria Fan Pages has uploaded new episodes, so I straight away open my beloved lappy..LOL obsessed much~~!

I dloaded all & enjoy it soo much laughing alone.. Some people might say i'm crazy doing so.. But I just love Khuntoria soo much!!

I ate 'oblong' ( looks pretty much like McD's GCB ) & drank my favourite Teh Tarik ping while watching it..wkakaa
~~having the time of my life~~

I hope the internet service at my future university is ok so I can still download my favourite Khuntoria Couple & Campus Couple..

I really like these couple, keep it up!!
난 정말 커플처럼 유지! (nan jeongmal i keopeul cheoleom yuji !) 

(the good thing about it also, I don't need to fight with my brother about whose controlling the remote..wkaka..but both of us have the same interest - Spongebob Squarepants & Phineas & Ferb!! haha~
But exclude this statement for the night because I will be watching my favourite Merlin show every weekdays >.~ )

Till then,

With love,
Casey =)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ups & Down

Hello usual, lazyhead ME woke up at 12pm..haha
my life are pretty much up & down.. well, that's what we call bitter sweet of life.. i'm totally proud to be born as God's child, to be in an average family that is both strict & loving.. that is how I am what I am today, my life experience has taught me a lot valuable lesson.. I have one character that i'm sure everybody close to me can read it through my face, that is, if a person treats me nice, i'll treat him 100 times nicer, but if a person treats me like crap, believe me..I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE.!!
Well, enough about my character, I will assure those who follow me can know me better someday.. Chinese people say 'man man lai ma' (慢慢)...heee~

Last night he called me, we talk about how he is stressed enough thinking about his trip to India, well it's not that easy even though you are been sponsored by MARA he said.. the trip to Kelantan & KL still cost him his own money.. He's very worried about burdening his parents because of money.. We haven't been seeing each other for 3 months already.. He & his sister were planning to go Labuan before we continue study, but that would have cost money again right..? seriously i'm okay with it, even though we won't be meeting each other until the next 5 years (that's when he finished his study ).. 
I truly believe if people are meant to be, they don't have to worry about the distance apart.. 
Anyhow, I wish you all the best in everything you do, make your parents proud ok.. 
油 ok ! 

Let the LOVE be as tough, beautiful & valuable as The Taj Mahal..

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

When I experience a lot of things in just one day..

Today, I feel weird.. I usually wake up at 12pm everyday, but today I woke up at 9.45am.. But lazy head me continue to sleep..LOL.. Then I woke up 15 minutes before 12pm. As usual, my daily activities was brushing my teeth with my favourite songs on loud, cooking, eating, watching Upin & Ipin, Spongebob, online, do house chores.. that's quite about my life during my free time before I enter University to get my head burst out of studying once more..duhhh!..but i'm looking forward to this ( I guess )..50/50 maybe..
Well, the weather isn't nice these days, it's so damn hot I swear I can melt.. it makes me craving for ice cream. But unfortunate enough, strongly hot weather can give you a flu too.. i'm starting to get rashes these days. Trust me, it's not pretty..yuck~
anyhow, I guess today is one of the day I don't get scolded for any reason, I have to tell you, I extremely LOVE those days I don't get scolded..hehe
I get to eat my favourite chicken curry from my beloved mommy..hehe

Well, here is the sad part, you see, there's this one person I used to be close with.. We understand each other just as twins know each other.. But it doesn't seem to be that way anymore.. I don't know why, it's fading.. the happiness became dull.. I tried to be my best for this person, but I can't see the connection, the similarities in us anymore.. The person's sister said that this person is sad because we haven't met since last April & now we are going far apart as in different countries now.. how can I ever find back those love in the past.. I really am in a dilemma right now.. Oh God, if only you can tell me what's the right thing to do..

Monday, August 01, 2011

God knows what he's doing..

There's a phrase in a bible telling us an advice as young people.. " Young people, enjoy your youth. Be happy while you are still young. Do what you want to do, and follow your heart's desire. But remember that God is going to judge you for whatever you do. Don't let anything worry you or cause you pain. You aren't going to be young very long. So remember your Creator while you are still young, before those dismal days and years come when you will say, "I don't enjoy life." "
Well, do you guys spend your life like there's no tomorrow? I live my life to the fullest!! Well, for my standard it is.. But sometimes things doesn't go the way you want it to.. I've been to alot, I cried alot.. But I know God had plan this for me.. I knock a door 3 times, but it never open for me, so I guess when one door closed, another opens.. So that's how I live my life now.. I'm soon off to study far from my family, I hope this is the right choice i've made since i'm just following the flow right now.. So, I might as well enjoy what God had planned for me..