Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Lesson to Teach


In this blog, i'll share abit about what happened to me yesterday ( well, of course, it's already pass midnight)..
Well, i'm sure all of you had fight before in your entire life right? Doesn't matter who, your siblings, your friends, that counts..
Yesterday I fought with my brother.. We always fight because we annoyed each other most of the times.. We are like cat & dog.. NO PEACE PEOPLE, NO PEACE =.=
But yesterday, both of us got beyond our nerves.. And this is what happened.....


Well this is only part of my right hand ( my working hand =.=")..
You guys wanna know how this happen?  
Jeng jeng jeng!!!
      Once upon a time,....hahaha you gotta be kidding me..
Well, we were fighting over the remote control, he wanna watch Shaun the Sheep but I wanna watch iCarly / True Jackson VP.. It's clearly he's eating the sandwich & don't care much about the TV, we were pulling & pushing the remote control till I managed to grab it away from him..
Then we started mouth fight.. I was so angry but I'm trying hard to control...then............the fight started, believed it or not, I crashed to my father's glass cupboard.. That's how I got those wounds..  That's only a little part of it..
I got hurt from hand to shoulder.. The blood rush down like water from my shoulder to my hand then to the floor dripping as soon as I stand straight..  Just imagine the glass pieces on my skin.. You guys should have seen my hand when the blood keep dripping to the floor..
But all I think about is cleaning the mess before mum gets back..

I hide my injury from them, but when I had to tell my dad what happened to the cupboard, I told them.. Besides, the blood keep flowing out and my shirt was stained with blood even after I took my shower..

I'm gonna get new scars again, & this time it's my right hand AGAIN, unfortunate hand..huhu~
The holes created from those glass piece that penetrate through my shoulder & hand are clearly gonna leave obvious marks.. But i'm lucky enough my hand is not broken or my nerves are not cut or injured somewhere by those sharp glass..

P/S : Lessons that I learned yesterday was, thou shall not fight but to love each other, be tolerate to each other.. When one becomes the FIRE, the other one should be the WATER.. -my mommy said that-
And I also realised that I am not afraid of blood anymore..( I think ) ngee~

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