Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Usual Night Activity

First of all, i'm very hungry right now I can eat a cow..or even YOU!!..haha joking.. But seriously i'm so damn hungry.. Although i'm blessed with a slim body by God, but in reality, i get hungry frequently & eat a lot than my body's portion. I do not know why my body isn't getting any chubbier except my cheek.(I really want to be at least a little chubby, and my BMI will be ideal)..

My usual night activities are :
==> usually i'll eat snacks, it's consider my supper or something to hold my tummy from making a phone call to my head & interrupting my late night movie or chat..
My favourite every night snacks is Oreo.. But tonight i'm eating Rocky.. Both are delicious!!Nyum nyum~ (and of course with water, I can't sleep without drinking 500 ml to 1 litre of water..it's a must)

haha please ok, I do not eat like this..hehe

I probably eat like this..haha

This is Rocky, one of my favourite snacks during my childhood time..

==> facebook, twitter, blogger, google, youtube is a MUST for me.. It's like I can't live without them..LOL
I wonder how will the connection be later at UNIMAS.. =.='

==> I love to watch my late night entertainment soo much because I can't sleep early at night.. I get used to it already.. I hope I won't be like this when I enter University later, i'll die of sleepy during class if I continue to sleep late.huhu
There's this dance that my cousin L & I are dying to learn because the dance move are AWESOME!!!

I hope both of us can master this dance pretty soon and dance it together the next time we meet.. Hwaiting!!

That's all for my sharing with my late night activities.. I'm a spontaneous modern dancer but I will try to learn this organized dance step.. Wish me luck!!(cross fingers)

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)


  1. yeah me too..huhu
    I have to learn it before I meet u later..hehe