Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The One That Got Away

Today I met you. Although you're not here in front of me, but I always see your shadow.
It was weird because I've seen you for a few times these few days.
I don't know this feeling. Miss? Maybe but I don't know.
To see you here was shocking for me despite you and I are not standing in the same edge of the world. 

Your happiness is  my happiness bacause I can't give you one.
Love is the greatest gift from God and you are one of the few who can use it wisely.

To see you this few days was a surprising incident for me. We agreeed to not contact each other anyomore. I was the one who forced you to do it, because I know how it will make all of us feel.

Today I open your blog and I open the YouTube link you left for me back then. I realised how much special I was to you and yet it's too late. Tears of I don't know what fell down my eyes. But i'm glad i was one of the special people in your life.

Experience does not make me brave to make new decision instead it makes me tough and hard to trust people. Weird, I was too cautious with you back then that I never give you a chance. 

When you ask me to make a quick and rush decision makes me confuse and scared. It was hell on earth to me. But I guess it was written like that to me, to us from God. I am still not ready and i'm not sure if you'll find happiness with me knowing that I have more guy friends then girl friends.
I'm a spoiled girl and all I want is to be pampered and to be near the person that is going to be the ONE for me.

Now that you find love, all I want is to see your happiness and tears of joy. Not your loneliness and tears of sad.

Miss is a word I can use right now although I never use it before to you.

A beautiful soul like you deserves a happy ending. And that's why I always pray for your happiness whenever I thought about you.

This is the only place I can express because I don't want to disturb your life. 

If one day we meet again, I hope I can hear any good news from you :)

Till then