Thursday, August 04, 2011

What a wonderful dream !! ^^,

Yoohoo, i'm back!! Still remember my previous post? I said something about my dream last night ==> *Real Madrid*, right? Guess what, when I told my dad about my dream after we had our dinner just now, suddenly the Astro Awani News cast about the winning Real Madrid.. They played the game tremendously.. WOW, what a nice dream I had, sounds like DEJA VU..hahaha
I wish to dream some more interesting stuff...keke =P

Well, I just finished watching Merlin with my family..hehe
The story is getting interesting..
Now, i'm gonna watch 2PM idol army on my beloved lappy..muahh :-*
I know it's an old tv show but I like to see Jae Bum's face.. I wish he can be the 2PM member again..huhu
He is so talented with a great voice & dancing.. Jae Bum Jjang!! Jae Bum saranghae~

Till then...(^.^)

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