Friday, August 05, 2011


It's 1a.m. & I still can't sleep.. Well yeah I usually sleep at 3 or 4.. But tonight is just one of my unlucky night.. I'm too stressed before my beauty sleep..
I just don't like it when I sincerely treat people nice but it ends up that people fall for me.. And this thing keep repeating & repeating.. Why? why? Why is it so easy for people to fall for me? What is it with me..??  I'm so stressed right now seriously..
I feel like crying right now, I just don't like to hurt other's feeling by saying 'NO'.. but why is it that I have to undergo this test again & again..??
For once, can't anybody be friend with me like they really mean it??
There are so much things in my mind right now that I think my head will burst!!
Oh God please help me make things right..Please please please :'(

1 comment:

  1. just tell that person you like him as a friend, nothing more than that and you already have a boyfriend that you love very much. if he doesn't want to be your friend anymore then it shows that he wants to get to know you just to own you. not to get to know you as a person. cheer up okay cuz, we can't satisfy people all the time cos we are human :)