Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ups & Down

Hello usual, lazyhead ME woke up at 12pm..haha
my life are pretty much up & down.. well, that's what we call bitter sweet of life.. i'm totally proud to be born as God's child, to be in an average family that is both strict & loving.. that is how I am what I am today, my life experience has taught me a lot valuable lesson.. I have one character that i'm sure everybody close to me can read it through my face, that is, if a person treats me nice, i'll treat him 100 times nicer, but if a person treats me like crap, believe me..I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE.!!
Well, enough about my character, I will assure those who follow me can know me better someday.. Chinese people say 'man man lai ma' (慢慢)...heee~

Last night he called me, we talk about how he is stressed enough thinking about his trip to India, well it's not that easy even though you are been sponsored by MARA he said.. the trip to Kelantan & KL still cost him his own money.. He's very worried about burdening his parents because of money.. We haven't been seeing each other for 3 months already.. He & his sister were planning to go Labuan before we continue study, but that would have cost money again right..? seriously i'm okay with it, even though we won't be meeting each other until the next 5 years (that's when he finished his study ).. 
I truly believe if people are meant to be, they don't have to worry about the distance apart.. 
Anyhow, I wish you all the best in everything you do, make your parents proud ok.. 
油 ok ! 

Let the LOVE be as tough, beautiful & valuable as The Taj Mahal..

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