Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Love About Muslim's Fasting

I'm a food lover so of course i'll talk about food.. During their fasting season, I have to admit I love waiting for the bazaar so that I can go & buy any food I want because you don't get to taste this kind of food everyday in a year.. To all my muslim's friends, i'm very sorry if i'm talking about food during your fasting period, but here is what I would like to share to my fellow readers..

The best thing about having a bazaar is you can get almost everything you need in one place. ABC, murtabak,  ayam percik, etc.

Two days ago, my mum & my younger brother went to the bazaar near my mum's working place. They bought nasi kerabu, nasi ayam, ayam masak merah + kerisik, ABC, pudding, oblong..

I just love the nasi kerabu & it's blue in colour some more, my favourite colour!! Ayam masak merah + kerisik was definitely my favourite that day.. We get to 'buka puasa' like others too with those lovely & mouthwatering food..haha >.<

I took this picture myself & I didn't focus enough that's why this picture turns out blurry, sorry =.='

My favourite of the day!!

I love this juice i've been drinking for the past few months. It's quite expensive but it's worth it, I feel a fresher & healthier tummy after drinking it so I wanna share with you guys..hehe

This juice is very healthy & delicious (^.^)

Remember my Pandan Cheese Layered Cake? This is what I used to eat for my breakfast every morning..haha

There's one more thing I would like to share with you guys. This past 2 weeks, i've been working out.. I've been cycling, jogging, playing badminton everyday with my brother. I'm looking forward to do some skipping, sit-up & push-up.. I wanna keep my body fit again, I wanna join some sports like basketball or netball or badminton or futsal when I enter university, I wanna make myself taller.. Wish me luck people..

Till then,

Good day dear readers,
With love,

Casey =)


  1. nyam2~;D
    gud luck to u anyway in keep ur body stay fit~