Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hartz Chicken Buffet, HIMYM & The Big Bang Theory

This two American series are my two most favourite now.. I'm lovin' it..!!

The story goes like this, Sam, Jasper, Sigai, Gall & I went out this morning from 10am to 5pm to search for dining hall available to conduct Easter Dinner.. After a few Hotels, we went for lunch at Hartz Chicken Buffet.. In this restaurant, 'all you can eat' is their policy & u just have to pay RM19.90 for adult to enjoy everything served. This is what I called Heaven on Earth :D

BUT, if you can't finish the food you took, they will charge you according to the food you waste.. so people, make sure you are not just hungry, but starving then you can go to this place :)

My Heaven on Earth :))

And if you have your lunch here, you won't be eating chicken again for the next 24 hours I guess, I skip my dinner because i'm still full and I kinda hate chicken for now..haha :D

What I like about Hartz Chicken Buffet also is that their seats looks like the one in the How I Met Your Mother show.. The one at the bar.. I really feel like we are the HIMYM characters just now..
Barney = Sam
Ted = Sigai
Marshall = Jasper ( he's the tallest among us man~ )
Lily = Gall
Robin = Me

We laugh our ass out the whole time we were there, they were making jokes & we had tonnes of fun..

Then I realize I have 4 classmates a.k.a besties here in UNIMAS ( excluding my roomate & my KML friends).. All 4 of them are guys and i'm the only flower in our gang.. This reminds me of The Big Bang Theory, 4 guys ( Leonard, Sheldon, Raj & Howard) & 1 girl (Penny), well that was before Bernadette & Amy pops in..haha :D

Sheldon = Aftar ( he's the tallest among us, like Sheldon :p )
Leonard = Johnny ( I think i'm gonna put Johnny because both of them wear spectacles
Howard = Adie
Raj = Harvind (both indians :))
Penny = Me

LOL, what an imagination.. silly me..haha

That's all for this entry..  I wanna continue doing my assignment =.=

With Love,

Casey =)

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