Friday, September 16, 2011

Sarawak!!...Miao miao~

Hello dear blogger!! Miss me??hehe
I know it's been awhile I didn't update my blog, but thanks for not leaving me..hehe
For those who doesn't know where I am right now, I am currently in Kuching! UNIMAS Kota Samarahan to be exact..haha
I have a lot in mind to write but I feel lazy to type actually but I know u guys must be waiting so I should at least tell a little bit about my life here in Kuching from the day I arrived until now..hehe

My first impression about stepping my feet to Kuching was, "Wow, look at those big houses, I wish I could own one.."..haha
I really love the houses here.. I adore them seriously so damn much..haha

My first day in Kuching was welcomed by Michael, Via, Vianney, Wenceslaus & Alban.. I was surprised but i'm definitely happy & flattered..hehe..thanks guys, that was a 1 in a million great memories ^^,

They brought us around Kuching.. Thanks a lot to Wen for bringing me & Maxwell out to explore Kuching that night. Then the road trip continue with just me & Wen exploring the city of Kuching till 11pm..hehe
Thanks Wen! Really appreciate it..hehe

Then, my orientation week.. Damn it was tough, but I had fun..! Absolutely.. I'm a Cempakan. For those who don't know what that is, it is one of the college here in UNIMAS. And what makes me even more happier is that we won the overall competition held between all the colleges in UNIMAS...hehe.. Go Cempaka..Aum..Aum..Aum..haha.. My housemates consist of my Labuan friend (my current roomate), 3 Melayu-Sarawakian, 1 Chinese, 1 Iban & 1 Semenanjung girl..

Next, my study session start.. The first week was indeed tough for me because I don't understand a bit about the subject i'm taking since they're all new subjects for me..huhu.. The only subject I know was Bussiness Math & English for Professional Purposes..haha..What I dislike about the study is we have to deal with internet 24/7 even to register our subject & notes & hand in our assignment..duhh! Luckily I just bought my broadband today for future use.. =)
My reliable bestfriends in class are Johnny English xD , Harvind, Adie Kuanting & Amirul Aftar..hehe

Today was just one of my day, except that today I went through bad times & good times.. I start my morning with shower, breakfast etc
Then, I went to English for Professional Purposes ( take note, this class is only for band 4 & above ) with my classmate Amirul.. When we reach Pusat Bahasa, ow damn, I saw Mr. A ( take note, he is one of the guy that disturb & try to flirt with me during orientation week ).. How unlucky I think I am at that time because I really dislike him.. Then inside my english class, another OMG strikes me, Mr. B ( take note, same as Mr. A ) was in the same class with me..Oh my, is my story getting any hotter
But I didn't care much, all I know is I want to study, not to look at them & feel stress myself.. Amirul Aftar was indeed my saviour for today, he kept me safe & not alone for the whole day.. Thank God & thank you Mirul.. =D

Then, on the evening, I went for Kayak Practice with my members.. The practice was great, I was chosen in the list to undergo saringan & eventually if I pass saringan, I can compete for final to represent my college against another college..hehe
One of the must do activity for kayak is going to the gym to can't imagine myself going to the gym..haha

Tomorrow is Hari Malaysia.. I'm going out with my members to Kuching..yahooo!!!haha

Till then,

With Love,

Casey =)

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